IT Operations & Business Assurance

In the digital application economy, speed, innovation and quality have become table stakes. If you can’t meet your customers’ expectations, they will surely find a competitor who can.

Whether your organization is in one of the sectors facing the most intense digital competition – insurance, banking, telecommunications or retail – or in a more traditional industry or in public services, how rapidly and successfully you embrace a service-driven digital transformation strategy will likely have a profound effect on your organization’s efficiency, reliability, reputation  and long term viability.

Despite the criticality of corporate applications, organizations commonly have inadequate awareness over the level of their applications’ performance, and whether these meet business service expectations, SLAs and customer experience requirements.

To achieve an efficient and effective corporate application environment, organizations require not only a number of management and monitoring tools, but also strategies and technologies that will support an end-to-end approach to efficient enterprise service delivery and customer satisfaction.

SYNTAX can help your organization achieve end-to-end efficient unified performance management of your infrastructures, applications and services to assure customer experience and stakeholder satisfaction. Our consultants will help you to:

  • Assess the value of Underpinning, Internal and Customer Business Services
  • Apply the best Business Service Management practices
  • Implement the right technology for transparent Business Service Performance

The technologies and advisory services we offer will support the following initiatives of your organization: