Information Security Governance, Risk & Compliance

As organizations react to the changing economic climate and growing operational pressures, they are looking to move their security and compliance programs to a mature and operationalized state in which processes are tightly integrated and fully automated.

Enterprises can no longer afford to deliver incremental security improvements through ever-increasing security spending. As budgets become tighter in a turbulent economic climate, Information Security Officers are under pressure to drive process efficiencies in order to achieve greater capability with little additional resource.

These efficiencies are achievable, but they require a far more formalized approach to security and the ways in which these processes align with business goals and resources.

This approach, in which highly mature processes cross business functional areas and leverage IT operations that are already in place, has defined the move to the operationalization of security.

SYNTAX Diamond Information Security GRC Services include advisory and residency services for:

  • Information Security Risk Management Best Practices Awareness & Training
  • Information Security GRC Maturity Assessment & Improvement Plan
  • Information Security GRC Strategy
  • Information Security Policies & Best Practices Design
  • Identity & Access Management Privileges Assessment
  • Secure Application Development Consulting
  • Application Secure Design & Code Assessment
  • Application Penetration Testing – including mobile applications
  • Social Engineering Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network & Infrastructure Security Assessment

Our technology partners in the domain of Information Security GRC include CA, Informatica, Skybox, Titus, WhiteHat Security, while our expert consultants are experienced in most industry-leading information security technologies.