Today businesses across the globe are aware of valuable business insights hidden in unstructured data. However, extracting insights from these data has been a challenge considering the exponential growth of information, new formats and poor data quality.

SYNTAX has been offering a range of services and solutions that meet the Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence needs of organizations across diverse industries. From end-to-end Data Warehouse development and maintenance to implementation of highly specialized project phases and even customized specialized support, we have the capability to do it all.

  • Data Warehouse Assessment: Assess the current state of your Information Management infrastructure and processes and receive a detailed plan about reaching your target state.
  • Information Architecture strategy and planning: Stay on course by aligning your current and future projects in line with your business’s growth.
  • Data Integration: Consolidate data from different sources or upgrade your data to be concurrent with the latest version of your software.
  • Design, development and project management of your Data Warehousing project

SYNTAX solution for Data Warehousing benefit your organizations by assisting in:

  • Better decision-making – Corporate decision makers will no longer have to make important business decisions based on limited data and hunches. Data warehouses store credible facts and statistics, and decision makers will be able to retrieve that information from the data warehouse based on their personal needs. In addition to making strategic decisions, a data warehouse can also assist in marketing segmentation, inventory management, financial management, and sales.
  • Quick and easy access to data – Speed is an important factor that sets you above your competitors. Business users can quickly access data from multiple sources from a data warehouse, meaning that precious time won’t be wasted on retrieving data from multiple sources. This allows you to make quick and accurate decisions, with little or no support from your IT department.
  • Data quality and consistency – Minimize cost with integrated data quality and data validation testing. Since data warehouses gather information from different sources and convert it into a single and widely used format, departments will produce results that are in line and consistent with each other. When data is standardized, you can have confidence in its accuracy, and accurate data is what makes for strong business decisions.
  • Accelerate development and deployment of your data warehouse with business-IT collaboration and rapid prototyping.
  • Reduce risk with metadata-driven insight and proactive monitoring.