Organizations are consolidating applications and platforms in an effort to rationalize IT infrastructure, reduce IT cost and streamline business process and complexity. Data migration and consolidation projects meet the following business needs:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (Process efficiency)
  • Instance Consolidation (Fewer operational systems increases efficiency)
  • New Application Implementation (System Modernization)
  • Application Upgrades (System Modernization)
  • Legacy Application Retirement (Fewer Operational Systems)
  • Outsourcing (Reduction of cost)


The effort and criticality of the Data Migration as part of the larger system implementation project is often overlooked, underestimated or given a lower priority in the scope of the full implementation project. As an end result, implementations are often delayed at a great cost to the organization while Data Migration issues are addressed.

SYNTAX solution for Data Migration addresses these challenges by utilizing a proven methodology, a unified data integration platform that can support the needs of migration and a committed group of professional services consultants.

SYNTAX solution for Data Migration helps organizations by:

  • Reducing risks using a proven, iterative data migration methodology that has been successful in hundreds of customer projects
  • Faster, lower-cost data migration efforts
  • Reducing risk of scope cutting, cost overrun, or project delay
  • Improved data consistency across systems, processes, and organizations
  • Increased responsiveness to the business