Organizations have looked to cloud computing to improve competitiveness, recognizing the benefits of improved business agility, simplified businesses process and reduced time-to- market.

Your use of cloud applications has likely grown with your business. Chances are that your company is using Salesforce, Workday, Netsuite, Amazon Redshift, or other SaaS applications in addition to traditional on-premise apps such as SAP and Oracle. One of the biggest barriers to effective cloud adoption is connecting, synchronizing, and relating data, applications, and processes between cloud and on-premise systems.



If you need a cloud-to-cloud or a cloud-to-on-premises integration solution to merge disparate data into a holistic view that powers agile self-service BI tools, look no further. We can help you achieve your goals within weeks. SYNTAX implements Informatica Cloud Integration solution which lets you easily connect to a variety of cloud, on-premise, mobile, and social data sources to ensure you can efficiently share your relevant and trustworthy business information. Implementation extends beyond your traditional point-to-point integration by leveraging complete suite of cloud integration for batch- and real-time patterns, cloud test data management, cloud data quality, and cloud master data management applications.

SYNTAX along with Informatica delivers the following services as part of cloud offering.