Application Lifecycle Management

SYNTAX Application Lifecycle Management solutions allow every development organization to orchestrate its end-to-end processes, in order to be able to define, develop and deliver applications faster, improve IT service performance and lower overall IT costs.

The SYNTAX family of products works together to deliver the speed, automation and control demanded by today’s application development and IT operations organizations.

Regardless of the methodology used, every organization can improve the delivery of applications from demand to deployment:

  • Demand Management: Manage requests, requirements and project portfolios.
  • Software Configuration Management: Manage software configuration processes across locations, platforms and methodologies.
  • Test Management: Organize testing procedures and continuous quality assurance practices.
  • Release Management: Plan and control all application releases in a single automated process.


Legacy Application Modernization

SYNTAX collaborates with technology-leading MicroFocus to modernize your organization’s legacy and mainframe applications

Visual Cobol

The Micro Focus Visual COBOL Solution comprises industry-leading development and deployment tools for COBOL application teams across a variety of platforms. Visual COBOL uses the very latest technology, dramatically reduces development costs and improves application and organizational performance.

The world’s most powerful, precise and high performance business computing language can now be delivered on whichever deployment platform or framework makes most business sense.

Innovate and extend enterprise COBOL applications with greater agility, developer productivity and reduced development and operating costs.

Deploy COBOL systems to new platforms like .NET, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the cloud, as well as UNIX, Windows and Linux, without changing a single line of code.

Mainframe Solution

IBM application modernization strategies can hit constraints caused by the complexity of existing business applications and the environment that has grown up around them. It is possible to modernize core IBM mainframe systems so that they become flexible applications with the agility to respond quickly to changing business demands.

This requires an innovative approach that enables application modernization goals to be achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods

The Micro Focus Mainframe Solution accelerates traditional IBM mainframe analysis, development, testing, and execution processes to enhance all elements of application delivery journey. It opens up the complexities of the application environment and helps organizations:

  • Ensure a thorough understanding of the application portfolio at both management and technical levels
  • Expand the skills pool by bringing modern development and testing techniques to the mainframe environment
  • Exploit cheaper and easily available processing power for development, testing and production
  • Enable choice for modernizing mainframe applications