Informatica and SYNTAX Diamond host the “E&P Data Management Summit”

Informatica and SYNTAX Diamond would like to invite you to attend the E&P Data Management Summit on Thursday 27 June at the Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi.

E&P industry specialists will provide visionary insight, practical guidance and speak about the latest best practices associated with:

• Treating information as an asset

• Ensuring high quality data

• Reducing “busy work” in finding appropriate data

• Achieving a single version of the truth for critical data assets

• Ensuring data is fit for purpose

• Ensuring data fulfils the necessary regulatory and compliance acts

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Key topics covered in the agenda include:

The importance of information architecture for E&P:

How to exploit E&P data standards in your overall information architecture

E&P Data exchange standards such as WITSML, PRODML and RESQML provide a standard framework for moving data between operators and service companies, but to be of real value they must be incorporated intelligently in your overall E&P Information Architecture.

Business Objectives for Oil & Gas Industry and the 3-Tiers Application Architecture

E&P data Modeling evolved overtime to meet industry challenges and to cope with technology advancements. From mainframe to relational databases, E&P data models took several shapes and forms to secure E&P business assets. Unfortunately, several data modeling efforts were highly influenced by database technologies and delivered stiff models that are hard to deploy, adjust and/or evolve. This session focuses on the importance of developing standard E&P Business Objects (BOs) that are database agnostic to handle current and future business challenges.

The role of Data Virtualization in your EIM strategy – an E&P case study

The explosion of information sources and integration challenges, together with greater regulation and compliance requirements have created new challenges for today’s enterprise Information solutions. This session considers the role Data Virtualization can play in your Enterprise Information Environment. Find out more about this presentation

Preparing for MDM success in upstream

Large upstream operators, face many of the same dilemmas as other size enterprises regarding IT architectures and strategies. Selecting the right MDM approach for E&P is not an easy decision given the variety of architectures and use cases employed. In fact, the choice (and price tag) of MDM solutions on the market today can be bewildering. With MDM strategies, a hub is not the only way; however, multiple vendors suggest that their hub-based offering is the only proper solution. This session describes the journey a major E&P operator are undertaking in their MDM strategy wherein the company made use of a 5 level CMMI Master Data Maturity model to form an approach for evaluating MDM effectiveness across the organisation.

I look forward to meeting you at the Summit.

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